As a child, I already loved exploring the world and went on adventures with my mother's SLR camera, noticing things that others didn't see. At the age of 12, I participated in a photo contest and won the first prize with a photograph of a row of mushrooms on a train track, with an ant walking on one of the mushrooms. The jury appreciated the ant on the mushroom as a delightful detail and cleverly observed. I'm 34 years old now and I still view the world with the curiosity of a child.

I studied Photography and Graphic Design at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen and have worked for various design agencies. Last year, I completed the National Geographic Photography Masterclass. Seven years ago, I began flying as a stewardess for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. This way, I am fortunate to explore much of the world and capture this with my camera. 

I am an entrepreneurial, energetic, sincere, open-minded, solution-oriented, and eager-to-learn individual who enjoys diving into matters thoroughly. I easily connect with others through my enthusiastic and open attitude, disarming smile, and authentic way of communicating. I really appreciate no-nonsense and simplicity, and you can see this reflected in my photos and designs.

I have a special fondness for Africa. My frequent visits to Africa, coupled with my deep connection to the continent through my grandparents and my mother’s heritage, have instilled in me a profound appreciation for its residents, wildlife, and ecosystems. My grandparents have lived almost their entire lives in multiple countries in Africa. They were both tropical doctors and they have founded a non-profit educational and charitable organization called: Binga Trees Trust in Zimbabwe. As a child, I regularly visited my grandparents in Zimbabwe, and nowadays, as a flight attendant for KLM, I request flights to different countries in Africa as often as possible. In Africa, I feel at home. Additionally, I am passionate about nature and wildlife conservation and aim to contribute positively through photography, as I place significant importance on the protection of these precious species. I attach great importance to the conservation of nature and wildlife.